New Continuous
Identity Access Management

As an authorized user appears in front of their computing device it immediately unlocks. The users’ authenticity and presence is repeatedly reconfirmed in sub second intervals. When they step away the computer immediately locks again.


Perpetually validates the person who’s on line,
not just the person who signed in...

A truly unique user experience, Security and Confidentiality is assured by our new security software platform the iDentifyME™ Biometric Descriptor. Progressive continuous scanning of multiple biometric sensors sanctifies a person’s unique biometric identity.

Negates security breaches, impersonation attempts, ID thefts and provide the right people with the right access with the goal of increasing security and productivity, while decreasing the cost and eliminating the downtime to resource access. This identification and credentialing process circumvents human error, opinion, subjectivity and bias toward gender, race and sexual preferences that could possibly corrupt the process. A unique process acquires the full biometric description of a person by using a combination of mature biometric technologies, analog life sciences and the passing of time as a component to confirm the true identity of a known person.


Identify Security Software Inc. is a security software engineering enterprise. We don't make products, we make other companies products better. Its first engineering effort, iDentifyME™, is targeted at the Continuous Identity and Authentication Management(CIAM) segment of the security space.

Our process acquires the full biometric description of a human enabling CIAM for total and secure access as long as the person is within sensor detection range thus eliminating the need for people to perform specific tasks to gain access or terminate access as they use resources. The iDentifyME™ platform helps bring human recognition software technology to the next level. Our technology begins where current biometric human recognition technology ends.


New Video DemoPublished!

We are pleased to announce the release of the CIAM live video demo:

Our just published VIDEO DEMO demonstrates perpetually validating the person who’s on line, not just the person who signed in. A truly unique user experience of security and confidentiality.

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