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Network Security With Continous Credentialing

Imagine for a moment; one of our government agents is somewhere in an unfriendly country and attempts to sign into the home based network somewhere in the US using his laptop. A unique security program, iDentifyME, activates the sensors on his computer to authenticate the agent. The perpetual authentication process indicates that his heartbeat is significantly higher than his baseline and continues to rise. His facial thermal image confirms the higher heartbeat rate. His rapid and irregular eye movements, in addition to the behavioral analytic,  indicates fear and further confirms imminent danger. Furthermore, the GPS location indicates the agent is stationary, in an unusual location on a remote road and in an un-populated area. The combined deviations from the baseline authentication values for this agents triggers an alert for the attending security officer, and switches from automatic authentication to a manual process. The security officer will then have the opportunity to act immediately according to the agency policies. 

Identify Security Software Inc., is a network security software company. Our new iDentifyME Security Design is able to absolutely and continuously confirm the identity of the registered users, while assessing risk levels continually. 


iDentifyME will be applicable to any application where it is essential to confirm that the right person accessing the network from an authorized location at the right time.

Security With Automatic Credentialing

Imagine for a moment; an ambulance is rushing a patient who appears to be unconscious on a gurney. As the patient passes the registration desk, iDentifyME positively identifies him from a non-intrusive biometric scan. The patient's medical history is immediately retrieved and displayed. The records indicate this person had a heart transplant 27 days ago at this facility and was released 11 days ago. The patient's history is immediately made available to the attending physician before the patient reaches the ICU, well before any manual attempts could search and retrieve the medical records.

Security Without Proxy Credentials

Imagine for a moment;  an employee sits down in front of his work station in his office. The computer automatically unlocks without the need for a password or any proxy credentials. Later, when he leaves his workstation he is automatically signed off, preventing other users from inadvertently accessing the system.

Access Control With Extended Range Credentialing

Imagine for a moment; a scientist approaches the entrance of a restricted area. The iDentifyME solution recognizes and authenticates the scientist by his gait. His credentials are confirmed, however iDentifyME also observes two other persons following the scientist in very close proximity. According to the research institute security policies only one person can enter the restricted area at a time. Because the presence of two other individuals were detected, the security officer is automatically alerted to this breach of protocol. The authentication process switches from automatic to manual to allow the security officer to directly grant or deny access as required to comply with security regulation.  The identities of the other two are automatically recorded for further review and identification.

Security and Human Factors

Imagine for a moment. In a medical research facility the doctor following up with a registered patient about the results of a medication recently administered. The response to the doctor’s question “how do you feel” is “I am fine”, however, iDentifyME confirms that all vital signs are within normal range but a disturbing pattern of eye movement and the continuously varying facial expression could indicate confusion and anxiety. This instantly analysis gives the doctor the opportunity to compare his observation with the observation from iDentifyME and decide on the appropriate course of action.

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